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HealthyDiet365 platform makes you focus on diet throughout the year, all 365 days where you don’t feel like being on the diet.

We encourage sustainable lifestyle change with healthy diet management.

Our dietician Vandana Sharma is a certified clinical dietician with 7+ years of experience in the therapeutic diet. Her therapeutic diet specialization helped a lot of patients to manage and heal their body disorders thru healthy diet plans. She motivates her clients to make positive and meaningful changes to their health without being dull or restrictive.

She would like to help to provide you with a customized solution for a healthy lifestyle

Improving health by inspiring healthy living

Diet does not mean you have to starve yourself and specially when we’re saying healthy diet. Healthy Diet refers to fill your body with good sources of energy & nutrients.

Eat what you can sustain and easily integrate it into your lifestyle. Feel great, have more energy, build your stamina and immunity- all of which can be achieved by learning and incorporating them in a way that works for you.

Our all programs are dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle. Our Diet plans are designed to meet your nutrition need


What we offer

 HealthyDiet365 platform makes you focus on diet throughout the year, all 365 days where you don’t feel like being on the diet.

Nutrition in Growth Stages

Healthy diets for Pregnancy journey, prior conception then throughout pregnancy, labour and period after birth.

Nutrition in Special Condition

Nutritional need in major stages of growth to receive essential nutrients for the best development of body. 

Therapeutic Nutrition in Organ system Disorder

For the ill and affected body organ diet therapy works as an agent for effective recovery from illness. For this satisfactory food intahe is essential.

Therapeutic Nutrition in Metabolic Disorder

We adjust the food intake of the body according to the body’s ability to metabolize the nutrients and suggest the necessary nutritious diet.

Client Success Stories

My heartiest thanks to dietician Vandana. It’s been a really wonderful life-changing journey with HealthyDiet365.
I am totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life. I would highly recommend HealthyDiet365,
if someone is looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Neha Dixit

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

I joined HealthyDiet365 after following on her Facebook. My cholesterol level
was high and I was dealing with a low energy level, now my cholesterol level
way better and I feel active. I am thankful for making my permanent lifestyle change.

Amit Chaudhary

Bangalore, Karnataka

I must appreciate the guidance provided by the dietician during my pregnancy. I liked her detailed explanations
about my concerns and am able to follow the given diet plan without any Hassel. Thanks for making my pregnancy easier and healthy.


New Delhi

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Sustainable lifestyle change with healthy diet management

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